"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid" - Ronald Reagan

New York

An impressive list on the Freedom Scorecard

Afganistan - Free
Iraq -Free
Georgia - Free
Ukraine - Free
Palestine -Free Democratic elctions, but must fight internally to survive
Egypt - Dictator, Announces Federal Democratic elections
Pakistan - Dictator, but on the right side of the war on terror
Saudi Arabia - Dictator, Announces Regional Democratic Elections
Libya - Dictator, gave up WMD, does not want US troops on his soil
Syria - Dictator, weakened, giving up old friends to remain in power
Lebanon - Puppet Government, resigned today, seeking freedom
Venezuela - Dictator (unfortunately validated by ex-president), its people seeking freedom
Iran - Defiant, its people growing more and more bold
North Korea - Defiant, its people starving, severe internal strife
Soviet Union - Trying to go back to Communism

In January 2001, I would not have believed what I am seeing today. Several dictatorships are in retreat. This is exactly what dictatorships in the Middle East were afraid of when the US threatened military action in Afganistan & Iraq.

It is hard to argue the success which is being seen today by democracy, by freedom, by people. Just absolutely stunning!


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